Debts collection without tax collection

Priboi and Associates, debts recovery on succes fee through collaborator lawyers, attorney at law in Bucharest, Romania

Priboi and Associates is a debt collection company without tax collection through collaborator lawyers . We operate successfully in Bucharest and all over Romania since 2010. The takeover also claim tax free, no hidden fees, because we only practice success fee, as a percentage of the amount actually recovered. Specifically, if you do not recover, we do not pay anything!

We recover debts in all law areas through our collaborator attorneys at law: transport, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, consulting, intellectual property, advisors, etc.

We operate anywhere in Romania: Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Oradea, Arad, Brasov, Sibiu, Craiova, Pitesti, Iasi, Constanta, Galati, Targu Mures, Ploiesti, Satu Mare, Baia Mare, etc.

Our services:

  • Debt Collection takeover without taxes before, only success fee, in Romania and European Union ;
  • Debts recovery in transport – you should know that the limitation period to start action in the Court is only 1 year to maturity (CMR Convention, article 32) ;
  • Recovery debts against the government, from mayors or other state institutions in Romania ;
  • Debt collection, amounts recoverable from insurance companies in Romania ;
  • Legal opening operations to start a business in Romania: the establishment of a branch in the Trade Register, a representative office, a branch, a subsidiary or parent company, an independent commercial company in Romania ;

Way of working

To start recovery debts the documents we need from you are: invoices, contracts, any evidence of transmission invoice, partial payments, accounting sheets, etc. You may send scanned documents to us on e-mail: contact@priboisiasociatii.ro or fax: 0040 372 874 842 . For good communication we prefer English. Send the e-mail of your case or fax or if you speak English, call us at 0040 740 233 840 !

First, we analyze your case you will receive from us a mandate agreement which empowered us to resolve your legal problem. After we receive the signed contract of mandate, procedures for debt recovery start and periodically you will get informations with status of your case.

Our fees for debt recovery will be paid only in the end, after recovery, and you can study below:

5% 1 day to 50 days
7% From 51 days to 90 days
10% From 91 days to 200 days
12% From 201 days to 365 days
15% From 12 months to 20 months
20% From 20 months to 30 months
25% From 30 months to 36 months
For debts recovered from the insolvent firms, bankruptcy
35% From the penalties actually cashed

Phone: 0040 740 233 840 

Fax: 0040 372 874 842

E-mail: contact@priboisiasociatii.ro

Web: www.priboisiasociatii.ro