Priboi si Asociatii, Debt collection company – debt collection lawyer Romania, Bucharest

Priboi si Asociatii is a company of debt collection and a law firm from Bucharest, Romania, created in 2010. We’re providing trade, tax or transport receivables collection services in whole Romania and Europe.

Here are briefly the most important services we’re providing:

  1. Trade receivables collection, unrecovered debits collection, with no takeover fee, only based on contingent fees, that is to say, payment upon result!
  2. Transports receivables collection (Bear in mind that the transports receivables are barred after a year since the due date- art 32 of the CMR Convention!)
  3. Tax receivables collection, budgetary, governmental, from state institutions of Romania
  4. Collection of the Debit + tax and the VAT corresponding to the issued invoices, for the debtors entered in insolvency/ bankruptcy
  5. Companies Incorporation in Romania, deregistration, amendments at the Trade Register for the trade companies with limited liability or joint-stock companies
  6. Tax, economic, legal or entrepreneurial consultancy
  7. Legal consultancy, documents drawing up, assistance and representation before the courts of law, of the criminal prosecution authorities or other authorities.
  8. External VAT collection – you can get the reimbursement of the intra-community VAT for the purchase, expenses invoices coming from Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Leetonia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Hungary . For instance, we can collect the gas expenses (fuel, diesel, petrol), accommodation, restaurant, highway fees or other road fee, ferryboat, parking, vignette, means of transport rental, car repairs and maintenance, participation to fairs and exhibitions, online advertising invoices etc

In the chart below, you can find our contingent fees for the receivables collection services as a percentage of the actually recovered debt:

5% from 1 day to 50  days
7% From 51  days to 90  days
10% From 91  days to  200  days
12% From 201 days to 365  days
15% From 12 months to 20  months
20% From 20  months to 30  months
25% From 30  months to  36  months
35% Recovery of the actually paid penalties

What do you have to do? Send us at the documents representing the debit you have to collect: agreements, invoices, balance confirmations, proofs of the partial payments, works estimates, ect

 Or, much easier, you can send us by email  a chart of accounts  comprising: the name of the debtors, their tax number, the exact debt and the due date of the debit

After the reception of these documents, we’re assessing them and if there is any chance of succeeding, we’ll be sending you to sign the collaboration agreement. After we receive it signed by you, we shall start the collection procedure and we’ll keep you posted on any necessary information!

Our contact details can be found hereby:

Tel: 0040 740 233 840

Fax: 0040 372 874 842